Trampoline Parks

Our work in trampoline parks has grown extensively in the last couple of years. We provide full sound and lighting packages for venues. Our lighting effects can be used in standalone mode or incorporated into larger installations. We are very proud to also be installing Prismatic Explosion and Trampoline Ninja, which are both very exciting interactive gaming systems for trampoline parks. Our work in trampoline parks has gained us an exceptional reputation. We recently helped write the new BSI standards for trampoline parks within the UK and are active IATP members. You will find our trampoline park projects truly awe inspiring, with encapsulating audio and exciting, bespoke lighting. Whatever AV input you are looking for, Fired Up Technologies have the product to suit your requirements. As well as interactive technologies, we also provide trampoline parks with intuitive and effective CCTV and EPOS systems.

Prismatic Explosion

We are very proud of Prismatic Explosion; the first interactive trampoline game in the UK. We worked very hard to obtain this solution, and are the only UK provider of this game changing technology. This exciting solution is helping trampoline parks to be at the cutting edge of interactivity. Prismatic Explosion can be fitted to any new or existing trampoline structure, it brings a whole new level of entertainment to your customers by giving them the power to pump up the lights, bounce with the beat, and change their jumping experience from ordinary to revolutionary! 

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